Sellers of Porcelain Dinner Plates

Today, all kinds of porcelain dishes and sets, including porcelain dinner plates, are sold in the domestic and foreign markets at wholesale prices. Cheap Iranian porcelain plates are one of the best and most popular porcelain ones. These dishes are equal to foreign samples in terms of quality. While they have a more reasonable price. In general, different services of porcelain dishes due to their elegance and variety in color, design, and model; are always bought by different people. Our collection is one of the sellers of this category of products, you can contact our experts to buy the high-quality products in bulk.

Sellers of Porcelain Dinner Plates

How Many Pieces Are in a 8 Person Dinner Set?

How Many Pieces Are in a 8 Person Dinner Set?

It is not possible to say for sure that an 8-person dinner set has several pieces to serve eight people gathering, because the 28-piece service items or a 38-piece service set may be such that it can only be used for 8 people.

In connection with the question of what an 8-person service includes, we have decided to name the items of one of the best-selling models of everyday porcelain dinnerware for you, and in this way, you will become somewhat familiar with the components of an 8-person porcelain service.

  • 8 small salads
  • 2 dishes
  • 8 stew plates
  • 8 fruit plates
  • 2 salt sprayers

Regarding the components of the porcelain service, we must say that a porcelain food service has items such as plates, soups, salads, stews, etc., and the tea service also includes items such as teapots, cups, saucers, and so on.

Do You Eat Less on a Blue Plate?

Do You Eat Less on a Blue Plate?

Dining service is probably one of the main and essential dishes in the kitchen of any home, and carefully choosing it for formal and informal uses is a sign of your good taste. Arranging in the right dishes gives a beautiful effect to the dining table and creates a pleasant mental image for us. These dishes, which are offered in various designs, colors, and materials for different tastes, can be combined with other kitchen items and even home decoration.

Today, most people use white porcelain plates with gold trim, and the use of blue plates is less common among families. children’s dinner set porcelain, for example, has a wide range of designs and colors that families prefer to use white with beautiful designs for their children. These dishes, which are cheap and durable dishes, usually have white and simple designs. White and colored porcelain dishes are used for everyday use, and double models are also a good option for young couples.

In general, the following factors can be mentioned as factors influencing the difference between porcelain dishes:

  • Place of making dishes
  • Quality of raw materials and quality of construction
  • The strength of the container
  • Design and color of dishes

Today, many brands in the country and abroad are engaged in the design and production of porcelain accessories. Because porcelain is one of the healthiest dishes; And does not pose a risk to human health.

Suppliers of Porcelain Dinner Plates

Suppliers of Porcelain Dinner Plates

One of the factors that change the price of a porcelain dinner plate is how it is bought and sold. Of course, the wholesale price of porcelain dinner plates is lower than the retail price. To buy cheap porcelain dinnerware in bulk, you can go to the main supplier.

If it is not possible to visit the factory or the main distribution centers in person; You can get help from internet sites. Of course, we mean reputable sites active in the field of selling porcelain products.

It should be noted; That buying and selling porcelain dishes online is affordable in every way. Because this way of trading, in addition to saving time, reduces many side costs. Because in this way, commercial intermediaries are eliminated.

If you intend to trade this product and you do not have any information about the price and various models available in the market, you can trust us and receive enough information in this field. We can make a big contribution to your profitability by selling the cheapest types of Chinese products.


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    These dishes, which are offered in various designs, colors, and materials for different tastes, can be combined with other kitchen items and even home decoration.
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