Best Sellers of Porcelain Tableware

Best sellers of porcelain tableware can be prepared in different ways. Our domestic-made porcelain dishes and services are sold at wholesale prices. The use of porcelain has been common in different parts of the world since ancient times, while it is more professionally manufactured in those nations with a long history and civilization background. In the past, the word Chinese have been added to all dishes imported from China. But today, many countries in the world, including Iran, are p and exporters of Chinese products.

Best Sellers of Porcelain Tableware

Does Porcelain Break Easily?

Does Porcelain Break Easily?

Porcelain tableware is always popular because it is both durable and nice. Porcelain is easy to clean and scratch-free. Porcelain is usually white and becomes translucent when fired at high temperatures and can be seen through when exposed to light. Porcelain also includes a shiny effect that will not fade when used. Porcelain tableware is made of a hard-paste composition that looks like glass when broken.

Iranians’ porcelain dishware is among the best and most popular utensils. These dishes are equal to foreign samples in terms of quality, while they have a more reasonable price. In general, different sets of porcelain dishes due to their elegance and variety in color, design, and model are always bought by different customers from around the world.

They are more resistant and aesthetically more popular than ceramic dishes. Porcelain was first imported from China to the other parts of the world, which is why it is called Chinese dishes in Iran. These dishes are manufactured from which are known by this name in different parts of the world.

To know what kind of porcelain soil is made of, it must be said that these dishes are made of high-quality clay, feldspar, kaolin, and quartz. The process of making porcelain dishes is done at a higher temperature and the quality of raw materials is better.

Porcelain dishes are thinner than ceramic dishes. Porcelain is more durable, but ceramic is porous and slightly lighter. Regarding porcelain and ceramic paints, it should be said that depending on the type of glaze, porcelain paints are usually clearer and brighter. Porcelain dishes have a luxurious and beautiful appearance, are anti-scratch and hardly stained, and are used for more formal parties.

How Can You Tell If a Plate Is Porcelain?

How Can You Tell If a Plate Is Porcelain?

Black porcelain plates are one of the most beautiful dishes compared to other dishes. Everyone likes to make their dining for guests and decoration designs in a good style of tableware.

Delicious food indeed satisfies people and guests, but having beautiful tableware can attract more attention. Here are some main features of our manufactured porcelain dishes. The first feature is that these dishes have a beautiful appearance and are produced in various designs suitable for every taste.

The second feature is that these dishes are very practical due to their high quality and are used in hotels and restaurants as well as at home. The third feature is the complete serving dishes of our porcelain products, suitable for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The next feature has various shapes of circle, oval, square, and rectangle. They are also reasonably priced. blue porcelain plates patterns are mostly used as wall sconces.

Most dishes that are produced and supplied in Iran are made of porcelain and have different quality, which can be checked by looking closely at the final product based on the following factors:

  • The degree of whiteness
  • Weight-based on thickness and diameter
  • Light passage

Distributors of Porcelain Tableware

 Distributors of Porcelain Tableware

The Chinese serving sets are very suitable for daily use, for parties, and for decoration and designs. This product has been able to attract the attention of young Russians and they also buy this product when preparing dowry. Chinese dish sets suppliers can distribute this product directly and without intermediaries in the market. Usually, Chinese dishes sets are exported to Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Oman, Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, etc.

Today, the production of Chinese sets is done according to domestic needs as well as the needs of foreign markets. The porcelain sets seller should guide the dear customers when buying so that they can easily buy.


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