Best Arcopal Dinnerware Sets to Trade

If you want to buy arcopal dinnerware sets for trade, Iranian brands can be the best option available. Because buying these dishes has a low cost for you, and on the other hand, considering that Iranian companies now have the best technologies and their product in terms of quality, beauty, elegance and variety can be a competitor to European products. In terms quality you should be comfortable, because you can get the most out of your business.

Best Arcopal Dinnerware Sets to Trade

Is Arcopal Dinnerware Unbreakable?

Is Arcopal Dinnerware Unbreakable? There are different types of arcopal plates for sale, some of which include arcopal dinner plates and arcopal dessert plates, ​which are produced in an unbreakable or brittle form.

Some arcopal dinnerware is unbreakable because the raw materials used to make it are the same materials used to make glassware, and minerals are also used. In the production of arcopal set containers, a combination of materials such as silica, lime, sodium carbonate, etc. is used. The resulting composition is exposed to heat at about 1500 degrees Celsius and is transformed into different shapes and forms.

In fact, the process of producing arcopal dinnerware makes them thinner than porcelain dishes. Unbreakable archopal containers have a glaze that protects the glass and the material of these containers is 100% impermeable and has a high resistance to high heat and does not break easily. For this reason, these dishes have a lot of fans and its sales market is booming.

Arcopal Dinnerware Sets Benefits

Arcopal Dinnerware Sets Benefits If you want to know more about the benefits of arcopal dinnerware sets, follow us in the rest of this text.

  • Arcopal containers are much lighter than other containers and can be moved easily.
  • In different gatherings, the use of arcopal dishes is very suitable and stylish for receptions.
  • Arcopal Dinnerware Sets are unbreakable and do not break compared to porcelain dishes.
  • Arcopal Dinnerware Set can be easily used in the microwave, which is a great advantage.
  • Arcopal Set are very beautiful, durable and radiant.
  • There is an extraordinary variety in the design and color of arcopal dinnerware sets and it can satisfy all tastes. Arcopal ramie dishes can be placed in the dishwasher and easily washed
  • Arcopal set have cheap and expensive prices due to their quality and brand, and everyone can choose the right dish according to their financial ability.
  • Arcopal Dinnerware Sets are easily available and sold through numerous online and offline stores.

Therefore, according to the mentioned characteristics of arcopal dinnerware sets, if you are looking for a special reception service for brides’ dowry or you are looking to buy a service for the kitchen, buying an arcopal Dinnerware Sets can be a good choice due to its special and unique beauty, resistance and special designs.

Quality Arcopal Dinnerware Sets to Export

Quality Arcopal Dinnerware Sets to Export The production units of arcopal set utensils have been able to produce various collections in terms of color, design, printing, dimensions and different shapes of utensils according to the customer’s needs, using quality domestic raw materials, skilled and specialized Iranian workforce.

The industrial unit producing quality arcopal dinnerware sets in industrial towns of different provinces such as Qom currently exports dishes to Ukraine and Canada while meeting the needs of the domestic market in Iran and has attracted many buyers.

With their pragmatism, these archopal tableware factories proved that during the embargo period, more than ever before, it was possible to meet both domestic needs and respond to foreign customers by appearing in international markets, relying on domestic power.

The export of quality arcopal dinnerware sets is one of the cases that has a long history in Iran and the reason is the existence of old and professional companies in the production of these dishes, which are leading in the field of design and production of arcopal set dishes with new models and first class quality. Exports the product to Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Oman, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia.


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