Arcopal Tea Set Borden Mugs or Bowls

The introduction of Arcopal has made a significant impact on the kitchenware market and, overall, the whole crockery industry. The raw beauty of the final product when it was first created was so beautiful that it was apparent that this piece of pottery was the next generation of tableware and would definitely conquer the whole market.

The diversity of the products has included many pieces ever since. Although objects such as mugs or bowls are among the top wanted crockeries, all the pieces and types have their respective customers. The creation of opal dishes has introduced a new standard to consider when thinking about a new set of tableware to buy, weight.

Since opal tableware is very light compared to the rest of the tableware, it has made the customers absolutely wanting. Suppose a person wants to drink coffee, heavy cups and mugs as were so popular before would tire the holding hand. One doesn’t need to be an athlete or not for this, for it is talking about the ease with which you desire when you want to drink a cup of coffee.

The advantage is the same for the bowls, or in this case, the entire set enjoys the benefit since opal dishes are so easy to carry due to their lightweight. Carrying six opal plates is far easier than carrying the same number of porcelain dishes.

But this does not diminish the strength and hardiness the opal dishes enjoy; without a direct and hard hit, they are nearly unbreakable, not breaking by a simple and short fall. All these and more are the reasons for the succession of the first ranking place of the crockery industries by opal dishes.

Arcopal Tea Set

The creation of opal crockeries has made many designers use opal as their primary material for producing their ideas. Tea sets are one of the designs that have met more success than others. One reason for this is that, overall, tea sets are a product that naturally has a bigger market than the rest of the mini sets.

People are more likely to buy tea sets or other interesting mini sets instead of a whole set, for they are more functional and cheaper by far than an entire set. And the set being made of opal makes it more seductive to the eyes of the customer.

It might be interesting to know that drinking tea as a rite dates back to ancient ages, and people have welcomed it throughout history up until the present era. The culture started being conceived in ancient China, India, and Western countries, especially Britain. English people cared a lot about evening meals and the pottery in which it was served.

Nowadays, stylish and fashionable designs for Arcopal dishes have been spread worldwide and are available to most. In many cases, everyday tableware, breakfast tableware, teacups, and many other pieces are available along with the tea set.

Arcopal Tea Set

Tea sets come chiefly in 12pieces, 14 pieces, or 17 pieces. Regular sets mainly consist of only cups and saucers. But as the number of the pieces goes up, a teapot, sugar bowl, and candy bar are added to the set.

Arcopal Mugs

Mugs are also a product that solely has a market and demand. They are single items, so purchasing them doesn’t require much thinking beforehand. Among them, Arcopal mugs have made significant improvements to gain the customer’s attention.

There are many benefits to using them. The Arcopal mug doesn’t let much heat leave the liquid inside it, so the coffee or tea would remain hot longer. At the same time, the mug itself wouldn’t get very hot and is bearable to touch. The idea of imprinting visual patterns on the outer surface of the mugs has opened up a whole new way of possibilities for beauty and customer satisfaction.

And also, as was mentioned before, Arcopal mugs are very light and are easy to handle. This quality has made a lot of things easier regarding Arcopal dishes. Moving them in bulk is much easier than other products due to their being exceptionally lightweight.

It has made the business people consider this point very seriously regardless of the customers’ needs, as it dramatically reduces transportation costs and is an exciting option to the merchants.

Arcopal Mugs

Packaging and transporting them must be handled with care, for they are breakable commodities, but Arcopal mugs are not weakly built and do not break that easy. Overall, the most interesting detail about the Arcopal mug is that anybody can buy it regardless of budget, for it is a single item, and any teenager can buy it for a school project.

Arcopal Bowl

The next item on the trending list of popular crockeries would be the Arcopal bowl. Like the rest of the Arcopal pieces, the most apparent advantage of the Arcopal bowl is its lightweight. This quality is more evident in the Arcopal bowls than in the Arcopal mugs.

Since the bowls are much bigger than mugs, their lightweight quality shows more of their worth. One other feature of the Arcopal bowls is their slim design; their walls are so thin that people almost always handle them with extra caution. But they are wrong! The Arcopal bowls are as hardy as the rest of their crew.

It means that without a direct hit, they wouldn’t break, and the risk of them being nicked is much less than the rest of the potteries, such as porcelain dishes and other types of crockery. The Arcopal bowls being hardy and lightweight, have made an exciting combination of benefits to the various merchants worldwide.

Because these features have made the advertisement about them more attractive and since they are qualities that most people want, the process of selling them goes much smoother than the rest of the potteries. Suppose a person has five people for a party. Carrying six porcelain bowls is equal to carrying 5.5 kg of material. But six Arcopal bowls would barely be 2 kg at most.

Arcopal Bowl

Arcopal tableware is made with a particular combination of porcelain and glass. However, it is more elegant, much more robust than glass, and lighter than porcelain. The Arcopal tableware may not be able to compete with the Porcelain dishes regarding glaze and glossiness.

Still, technological advancements and using state-of-the-art facilities have nearly closed the beauty gap between these two substances. With all these improvements, porcelain tableware still has a significant share of the market. Many families prefer porcelain tableware to Arcopal tableware; the reason is that porcelain tableware is more luxurious and beautiful, and no technological advancement can compete with the sense of beauty and luxury due to owning an elegant porcelain set.

It was not common knowledge whether Arcopal is made of glass or porcelain. As mentioned, this is a combination of both, and the lack of transparency is due to the enamel added afterward to improve its glaze. However, they can be produced as transparent as glass, and the difference between Arcopal glass and regular glass is in their overall strength and heat resistance.

Many people are tired of changing their tableware set due to their low strength and breaking all the time. They prefer to purchase tableware that has high strength and is not damaged due to temperature change or fast expansion; Arcopal glassware is the answer to their demand.

Mug Arcopal Vintage

A mug is an object which is used daily by most people. Many people care enough about their drink that they would get a cup and name it for themselves. Mugs are best suited for this purpose since their size is just about perfect for most kinds of drinks.

These reasons lead people to consider buying a mug that has an acceptable appearance and also its quality is decent enough so that it would work for them for years to come, for themselves and their families. If you are out there considering this very same thing, try adding the brand into your considerations.

Mug Arcopal Vintage

As it is well-known, vintage is one of the most popular Arcopal brands in the market, and its products enjoy the highest sale rate. When you encounter vintage in the real world, considering the visions out there for vintage, you think about vintage as if in a classic definition.

But vintage is actually a kind of assessment and modern U-turn, which has resulted in a high-demand product with various shapes similar to classic and traditional designs. So we can conclude that vintage products are the ones in which classic features have been embedded, and the overall design is inspired by these features so that it can affect the unique design of these products.

Arcopal Crockery

Regarding material, Arcopal crockery is a combination of porcelain and glass. To produce opal tableware, materials such as silica, feldspar, sodium carbonate, lime, etc. are used. The mixture is exposed to over fifteen hundred Celsius and then formed into various shapes by centrifugal force. Actually.

The very process of its forming is the secret to opal tableware’s thin build. Whereas, unlike porcelain dishes, there are no pressure and template and the resulting product is of a material similar to glass. Still, due to the presence of fluoride in the production, their white appearance looks like porcelain.

Yet, the question of what to choose between opal and porcelain remains. And why, in many cases, Arcopal sets take up the place of porcelain sets. So we shall review the benefits of opal tableware once more:

  • Lightweight

As mentioned a couple of times in this article, opal dishes are far lighter than porcelain dishes. It is only rational that the ease it brings with its lightweight to the serving process only adds to its popularity. Anybody would prefer carrying opal dishes to porcelain sets.

  • Unbreakable

Arcopal Crockery


Due to the combination used in its mixture, unlike porcelain sets, opal tableware is considered unbreakable. It means if a piece of opal set falls from your hand to the ground, it might not be a total disaster, and you can hope that when you pick it up, there is no harm done to the dish.

  • Microwave safe

Arcopal tableware is specially processed when produced to become heat resistant and can be used safely in microwaves and ovens. The process involves heating the product very slowly and at the right temperature and cooling it rapidly to increase its resistance to heat.

  • Exquisite beauty

The glossiness of opal tableware cannot compete with porcelain tableware. However, technological advancements have shortened the gap, and also, opal tableware are being made in more beautiful, legit, and delicate forms compared to the previous designs.

Furthermore, the diversity of the patterns on them, the intricacy of the visuals, and the colors used to imprint on them has opened up a whole lot of possibilities for the customers to choose from. Perhaps this is the biggest threat to the porcelain market, which has consistently enjoyed its high sale rate due to the beauty of the products and their legitimacy.

Arcopal milk glass

Arcopal glass has multiple uses and is not limited to primary services. However, a delicate and elegant glass has been designed solely for the purpose of serving the milk. Milk is a drink that is served hot and cold. As you know, serving a hot drink immediately after a cold drink in the same glass is hazardous to the glass and may break it.

Arcopal milk glass

Of course, nobody pours a hot drink into a glass immediately after it is used to serve a cold drink. But more often than not, people forget that they have had washed the glass with cold water and pour hot content into it, which leads to breaking or at least cracking it. This problem has convinced the producers to think about improving and enhancing their products so that they won’t break with continuously getting hot and cold repeatedly.

The result has turned out as the Arcopal Milk Glass, which can be used for multiple purposes, least of all serving milk. All kinds of juices and beverages can be served in this glass, but besides milk, it is mainly used to serve cold drinks such as juices.

Arcopal milk glass, not unlike Arcopal cookware, was first designed to be a piece in an Arcopal set. But as time passed and the customers welcomed its functionality, it became an individual product sold in six-piece sets. The sale rate was not a total bust at first, but it has only grown ever since.

Nowadays, Arcopal milk glass can be found all around the world in different sizes and shapes since its use has become widespread. Since the patterns are diverse and exquisite, there are always willing customers found for this product.



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