Arcopal tea cups and saucer

To purchase the perfect cups and saucer, arcopal tea sets are highly recommended. Compared to other materials, arcopal is one of the finest ones for any tableware or tea set. Opal glass is the main raw material for producing the arcopal tea cups and saucers. Since the opal material is mostly glass, it is considered to be one of the healthiest materials that have been used for any serving dishes.

Not react with sour and acidic food and hot drinks, you may use both arcopal dinnerware and tea sets with no concerns. One of the highlighting features of arcopal cups and saucers is their durability of them. For those dishes which would be used rapidly, whether they are being used to serve drinks or food, being strong and chip resistant is a great point.

You need your tea set to not break or crack easily and if they would have weak material, you will always be afraid something might happen to them, so you can not enjoy using them daily, especially while poring hot drinks in them.

This feature, being hygienic and strong, become even more important when it comes to tableware, in the case of chipping or cracking a dish you serve food in, it will be considered healthy no more as the food may penetrate the dish and become harmful for the body.

Also, who would enjoy using a cracked or a chipped plate or tea cup? Arcopal tea cup and saucer would give you and your family the satisfaction you are looking for.

Arcopal cups

Have you ever noticed how elegant and delicate arcopal cups are? The glossy and bright appearance will charm your eyes and the smooth surface is what makes you enjoy using these dishes more than others. Considering the lightweight, arcopal cups are easy to handle so they are perfect for everyday use.

If you are intending to purchase cups to use daily, you can find arcopal cups in different sizes and shapes, the dimensions and the form should be chosen according to your needs and preferences.

for the cups and dishes, you use every day, some factors are necessary such as the appearance because you will see them every single day and must be something you like, durability, and easy cleaning so they would not damage while using or washing with a dishwasher.

Opal material includes all those factors, they are fine and beautiful, the material is quite a strong duo to the backing process, and they are easily clean as they are non-porous. Regarding size, arcopal cups have small, medium, and large.

Arcopal cups

If you need a coffee set the small ones are the better choice. The amazing characteristics of arcopal dishes will not disappoint you in any way as long as you pick the ones which meet your needs.

Arcopal tea cups

If you are obsessed with drinking tea, arcopal cups can make you fully enjoy it. Glass is the best material for tea cups and arcopal is made of opal glass, since they are smooth and non-porous the tea flavour and aroma will perfectly retain to you.

Not only arcopal tea cups would provide you the best taste and smell while drinking your tea but also will not stain like ceramic due to their smooth surface. you may have experienced that once the hot drink poured into one of your cups it cracked as it heated quickly and left you with a defective tea set you no longer desire to use.

Being heat-resistant and durable, arcopal tea cups will not break or crack easily. They are being cooked gradually in the kiln and cool down suddenly, therefore it is safe to use them in the microwave. Using a non-microwave-safe dish in the microwave, it is likely that the dish would crack. Arcopal teacup could be the perfect tea set to deliver.

Arcopal tea cups

Arcopal cup and saucer

Why do people use a saucer with a cup? And do the arcopal tea sets come with saucers? Well, the answer to the first question has a couple of reasons. The saucer has been an important component of a tea set.

they are designed for the users to hold the cup easily so they would not burn their hand as the cup might be hot, also the heat might be damaging for the glass tables as you put the hot cups on them. Some people would like to drink from the saucer, it might seem uncommon but this way the drink will cool sooner in case you do not have enough time and need to drink it fast.

Another useful application of a saucer would be the prevention of dripping and overflow of the drinks, there would be no liquid and circle marks on your table if you use a saucer along with the cups.

Saucers are quite useful, and a tea set is classier and more complete. The cups you see in cafés normally don’t come with a saucer but if you intend to use them for your parties, buy a tea set with saucers. Arcopal tea sets and coffee sets usually include saucers. The saucers are in various shapes and designs like flat and deep models, which depends on your preference.

Arcopal cup and saucer

Arcopal coffee cups

For coffee to taste better arcopal cups and porcelain are the best choices among other materials. Since they will not react to the coffee or any other drink and they have a smooth and glazed surface it is believed they can retain the flavor and the smell entirely.

In addition to the non-porous material, arcopal are thinner and lighter than ceramics and porcelain. Certain factors are important for people who use coffee sets and tea sets at their parties and want to have the ideal coffee cups, including the appearance, weight, quality, hygiene, durability, and chip resistance.

Arcopal coffee cups have all those necessary features. The last item but not least is the tray. You picked the perfect coffee set why not complete it with the final touch of a perfect tray? You see trays might be heavy or slippery in both cases they will annoy you or make a scene.

If you are purchasing an arcopal coffee set with a tray included, try to pay attention to it as well as the cups and saucers.  For your own comfort, buy a light and non-slippery try that is easy to use so the cups wouldn’t move while serving coffee or other drinks. Having arcopal coffee cups for serving the drink and a fine tray, nothing will disturb you serving your guests.

Arcopal coffee cups


Arcopal espresso cups

Arcopal and ceramic espresso cups have various shapes and designs, and they are commonly used for serving espresso. Both materials have their own advantages like ceramic espresso cups keep the heat and make your drink stays warmer, but they might break or crack more easily and stain if you don’t wash them immediately.

On the other hand, arcopal cups are anti-stain since opal glass is well glazed and cocked. Opal glass also called milk glass, is famous for its translucent and semi-opaque look. Therefore, arcopal espresso cups are more unique and elegant compared to ceramic with a classic look, However, the choice is yours.

It doesn’t matter in which material you buy espresso cups, you must pay attention to the shape. According to people’s experiences, it is believed that the cups with the wider top can spread more aroma and taste.

Arcopal espresso cups

For latte cups, the top of the cup must be wider for a nicer design, but espresso cups are not like that because the foam needs to be impacted for better appearance and smell. For the crema to stay longer the espresso cups should not be very big. The normal size of each shot is 2-3 ounces which are about 60 ml. Arcopal espresso cups are quite suitable as they have crucial properties.

Arcopal egg cups

Tempered arcopal milk glass egg cups are considered fancy tableware. If you own opal tableware you can add egg cups to accomplish the set, especially a vintage one, and enjoy a fantastic breakfast and even other meals. Putting the beauty aspects aside, egg cups could be useful when you do not want to use your hand or when your child is playing with the eggs across the table or on the plate.

Arcopal egg cups

You can even buy the double egg cups having two separate places to hold the eggs. Regarding the design, handmade arcopal egg cups are quite eye-catching since more effort and delicacy are put to make them.

Sometimes the patterns are painted by hands as well and cooked perfectly so they will not faint or wash away in dishwashers. Handmade arcopal egg cups are exquisite; however, they might be more expensive, particularly the ones which have certain figures attached to them.

Having years of experience in proving our customers with Opal, ceramic, porcelain or china tableware and other kitchenware like tea sets, we can accept any order at the most affordable prices. High-quality products with various shapes and designs are manufactured and supplied to clients from all over the world.


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